Saturday, November 6, 2010

Here we go!!!

A few days ago I started the 100 Day Food Challange!  I am working 10 days at a while I may not make it to 100 days-I am proud to even accomplish 10 days!
When my friend Sarah-author of Feed Me Like You Love Me asked myself and some of our friends if we'd like to join her in this venture...I was excited but scared! Me, give up Pepsi?  I used to cook a lot more-but with my hubby at work until 8, the baby not eatting a ton of table foods and our oldest son being on the Ketogenic Diet to control his seizures...the idea of cooking a full on meal seemed pointless...and I was already in this rut from my hubby being gone 6 months this year.  So while cooking is a passionate love of mine-I had all but stopped doing it more than once a week!
I found myself eatting out a lot, throwing together 'meals' that really didn't consist of cooking or of whole foods. And trust me-my body is showing it!  My efforts to loose baby weight had come to a halt-resulting in a stagnant scale read for 5 months now.  Not good-not at all!  Especially when I have 30 more lbs to loose.
I don't anticipate this challange to really help me loose weight-but it will prepare me mentally for moving away from so many of the packaged foods that had found their way into my house over the last 12 months!
I'm excited to learn more about ways to prepare foods I don't use enough, or things I would often buy from a can for convience sake.  I've already begun to cultivate a love affair with beets, cilantro and beans. (I've always loved beans-but finding new ways to add them is exciting.)
I would love for you to join me in this!  Even if it is 10 days at a time like I'm doing!  You can join a great support/resource forum HERE . I'm excited to clear my body of crazy man-made 'ingredients' I can't even pronounce! ;) Hope you are too!


  1. you should totally come over for lunch like once a week...<3

  2. I KNOW!!!!! I wish I could/would! I miss you like every week-crazy I know ha.